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The Cuyabeno Reverse is a protected zone since 26 July 1979 with an area of 603.380 square kilometres (2,329.7 sq mi) One of the principle objectives of the Cuyabeno Reserve is ongoing conservation of the Amazonian ecosystem- the most complex ecosystem in the world.


This reserve is a complex of rivers, lagoons, and floating forest. This protected area is characterized by its high biodiversity and interrelationships between the species inhabiting the area. The Reserve’s geomorphology is a consequence of the rivers carrying sediment and materials from the Andes, principally by the Aguarico River. The huge volume of water cascading down from the mountains maintains the naturally high water levels ensuring that the river is navigable all year round. In the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve there are more than 10 monkey species, 500 bird spices, and an incredible record of 307 species of tree per hectare. There are two seasons, dry and rainy. The entrance is by fluvial (river) transport and is offered by the local communities with the coordination of the lodge and a highly trained, accredited guide.


  • Altitude:

200- 280 metres


  • Climate:

Humid tropica

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