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Cuyabeno Eco-Tourism

Siona Ecuador Cuyabeno Amazon Lodge

Our lodge practices a policy of minimum environmental impact. Our solar energy system consumes no electricity from the power grid and is efficient enough to provide the lighting throughout the lodge. We encourage our guests to use natural oil lamps in place of battery powered flashlights and all refuse, both organic and inorganic, is bagged and taken out of the reserve regularly. Our biodigestors further allow us to minimalize the impact of pollution by utilizing natural enzymes and bacteria to treat all wastewater coming from the lodge. Our belief in true eco-tourism is intended to make your stay as comfortable as possible while, at the same time, preserving Cuyabeno for all who wish to enjoy its beauty.


Cuyabeno Canoe TripsOnly a few minutes walk from the lodge you will enter the primary forest that is the highlight of Cuyabeno and the Siona Lodge. The amazing plant and animal diversity can also be accessed by a canoe trip around the lake where you can see exotic trees and plants like orchids, bromeliads, gardenias and several species of bids ranging from hoatzins, macaws, and toucans to cormorants, tangaras, and Anhingas,kingfishers. The area is also abundant in reptile life such as yellow-spotted Amazon turtles, caymans, anacondas, and many other different snake species. With a little bit of patience, you may also be able to glimpse the uniquely evolved pink river dolphins, considered to be amongst the most intelligent of animals and possessing a well-known affinity for freshwater Amazon Jungle rivers.

Siona Amazon Lodge Cuyabeno Ecuador